Institute of Biblical Counselling International

Lives transformed through biblically-based counselling.

Core Values

Our vision is to see lives transformed through Biblically-based counselling. We aim to provide the theoretical foundation and skills to understand God, people, problems, and solutions.

Evangelical in practice.

Healing journeys that bring hope through the power of God.

Empowering responsible maturity through the love of Christ.

Encouraging community through the ministry of the Holy Spirit by connecting, partnering, teaching, and prayer.

Pursuing excellence in faith, life, and practice.


I used to struggle with the belief that God had favorites and blessed others and not me. God has been doing some work, showing me He loves me as just much as everyone else and everyone is equal in His eyes.  God loves me unconditionally; I do not need to prove myself.  Even if do not feel good enough, He is cheering me on in every situation. I always knew that God was ahead and behind, but now I know He is beside and guiding me.  I’m not too much for God. He can handle my crap. I can take everything before Him.   Any questions I can throw at Him and can ask Him why.  There is freedom where God is.  I can continuously run into His arms.

As a kid I used to pray to God at night, coping with things by talking to Him in my own room. I’m realizing how much God wants to say to me, through others. He wants to encourage me and show me there are good things to which He is calling me.

— V.