Healing the Pain of the Heart

Healing the Pain of the Heart is a 15 to 30-hour modular course serving as an introduction to the course material required for the Diploma in Biblical Counselling. Students gain an understanding of the Biblical view of God, people, problems, and solutions. Students also attend individual introductory counselling to introduce them to a Christian counselling environment.


It has been said that God is like the “hound of heaven,” never giving up till He has caught you. I love visions that show me how close He is. I picture His hand with my little baby hand in His. He has always been there. He is who he says he is, He loves me, and it’s personal, personal, personal. He won’t let me go, it’s good.

— A.

Dignity and Depravity

Explores a biblical view of God, people, problems, and solutions. This section describes a four-capacity model of personhood and discusses basic human needs (dignity) and the Fall and its results (depravity). A theory of counselling is introduced, and students write “Part 1” of their personal story dealing with relationships.

Issues of the Heart

Discusses the principles of Biblical Counselling and the concept of “The Pain of the Heart.” This includes depression, capacity of personhood, longings and disappointments, verbal and personal power, and the true God-self. Students write “Part 2” of their story called “The Inside Story – a damaging event and its repercussions.”

Issues of Abuse

Presents the problem and dynamics of sexual abuse, including the internal and external damage of abuse, spiritual issues, denial, PTSD, recovery and the healing process.

Family Issues

This section addresses intimacy, children, and parenting. Students write “Part 3: Deepest Story – my concept of and relationship with God.”

A Process for Change

Loss, grief, and coping; life as I want it versus life as it is. Introduces the Four-Stage Three-Shift Model for intervention. The model address repentance, forgiveness, taking responsibility, and dependence on God.