God is personal. He is not going to push forward in relationship any closer than I let people push closer. As I let people get closer, then God will be closer in a personal way. I’ve been hearing God through the people. He respects the boundaries put on people. Distance with God is connected to distance with people. He will give me the help I ask for; He is a gentleman.

— D.

Healing the Pain of the Heart

Healing the Pain of the Heart is a 15 to 30-hour modular course serving as an introduction to the course material required for the Diploma in Biblical Counselling. Students gain an understanding of the Biblical view of God, people, problems, and solutions. Students also attend individual introductory counselling to introduce them to a Christian counselling environment.

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Diploma in Biblical Counselling

The Diploma in Biblical Counselling equips women and men to undertake non-vocational Christian counselling. Students of this program draw on the teaching and counselling expertise of both the Institute of Biblical Counselling International and Providence Theological Seminary (Otterburne MB, Canada). Students gain the theoretical foundation and basic skills to promote functional positive everyday living and Christian growth through counselling and spiritual encouragement. Upon completion of the 10 required courses a diploma is conferred by Providence Theological Seminary. This program began in Rankin Inlet, Nunavut in 1998 and has since been conducted in multiple communities across the Circumpolar North.

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